A few photos of various HET tours   

  Above : CPH Rail Motor No. 1 at Peterson, during a HET excursion to ride the rail motors and inspect the Rail Motor Society's works, which included a trip from Sydney on a specially chartered electric train.

Below: HET's first tour, a relaxing romp around the suburbs in a comfy "V" set. And the pies were great!



Above: Restored set W3 stands at Casula platform during another relaxing HET rail tour.

  Typical of HET's "Non Rail" tours was a visit to inspect the various disused rail tunnels under Sydney in 1998.

Above Left : The ladder leading to "Lake St James" the extreme northern end of the half - flooded tunnels under Macquarie St


Above right : A shot looking back at the portals of St James station. These tunnels used to be used for storage
of trainsets up until the mid '80s.

  Above left : The absolute end of the tunnels under Hyde Park leading South.

Above Right : Leading South under Hyde Park. The piles of rubble are now - demolished World War 2 Blast curtains.
  Above : This tour also covered inspection of the disused tunnels at North Sydney.  


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