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Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society
Saturday, 11th of December 2004
Well soon it was time to move on from the Aircraft and the members of the Australian Historical Flying Museum and on to the second half of our tour.

The Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society where a number on unique and different locomotives and carriages are rebuilt and restored with heaps of TLC.

Many of these exhibits would have been lost if not for the efforts of the members of the Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society as these examples of locomotion don’t fit into “main stream train societies.

These steam, diesel and electric locos were purpose built for particular types of work, e.g. work in the sugar cane plants, coal mines and even in the construction of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Railway.

Once their work was finished some were discarded and left to rust away. Only the dedication of the members of the Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society and in some cases the donation of a unit has saved these for all to enjoy and take a glimpse at the past.

We had a great time here and with so many different types of exhibits there was something for everyone. The Illawarra seems to offer so much we will have to return to see more as it’s not possible to take in so much in one day.

Our thanks to the Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society for a great day and we recommend this to all families to visit. Our biggest regret of the day was that it had to end, so we reluctantly boarded our coach for the journey home.
Inside the clean and well laid out sheds, The locos are put to bed each night, (dreaming of their past careers).
Again, looking in the sheds at a saddle type steam loco. Notice the well laid out shed, the clean floor and the narrow gauge of the track.
Built by Ruston and Hornsby in 1951, this locomotive was used in the construction of the Eastern Suburb Railway and was also used at Water & Sewerage Works.
Ruston: The locomotive was at Forrester's Beach and the unit was purchased by the Campbelltown Steam Museum and was donated to ILRMS and is currently operational.
The old Otford signal box, serving a new purpose and giving us a reminder of the past.
The Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society has its own bush fire tender that is ready to swing into action when needed.
Gemco Electric Locomotive: This small electric locomotive was built for the Metropolitan Water, Sewerage & Drainage Cir 1947 and it was discovered in a scrap yard by the ILRMS.
Oh dear Norms still looking for his subjects, well at least he’s not walking. This unit operates on a closed track to provide rides for patrons.
After slight modifications a trolley pole was fitted so it could run on the ILRMS tramway along with a former man car to carry passengers. It has a tram like swivel pole when changing direction.
The peaceful and picturesque Barbeque area (subject to weather and fire restrictions) is a beautiful place to have lunch and relax.
Waiting for a train? More likely taking 5 minutes to rest and reflect on the day’s events, seen so much and much more to see, Oh well there always the next tour.
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Photos courtesy of Ed Sutton
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